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April 18, 2013

“PGCE” – a term that even now drives discomfort through the hearts of many a long-practicing teacher, ever a reminder of the 18 hour working days and the unhappy knowledge that 23 year olds can indeed get crow’s feet.

I’m sure many, if not most, of you reading this are thrilled to have left that year behind you – happy to look on at the unfortunate trainee who is battling, again, with the behaviour of that overly-hormonal year nine group. You’re so glad not to be them, and also slightly annoyed that they are taking up so much space in the staff room.

Well that person is me. I’m that annoying trainee who hogs all the table surfaces. I like to think the space is taken up with exciting and creative teaching ideas, which is why I’ve created this blog. I am well aware that I am still in training and that my experience is but a dot on the vast and endless sky of education, but my creativity is what makes me unique as a teacher, so I would like to share some of my ideas with those of you who might be interested.
I would like to thank Mr. Tim Shelton, who also has a blog (, who encouraged me to share the creation.

Any comments and ideas are welcome and appreciated.


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